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The Australian CleanTech Network has been operating since 2008 and has gradually spread out across the country. It now hosts regular events in the five largest cities in Australia and has established itself as the focus of much of the activity within the country.

The 100 events held to date have featured talks from the country's leading cleantech investors, companies and influencers. A total attendance of over 10,000 people have heard pitches from over 350 cleantech companies seeking funds or partners. The Network has been a hub of cleantech activity and has continued to demonstrate the potnetial of the sectors to create jobs, attract investment and facilitate international trade. The Network has caught the eye of State and Federal Governments and investors ranging from angels and VCs through to banks.

By creating a stable industry-led organisation that is self-sustaining and receives no government funding, the Network has managed to establish a platform that is attractive to both those in the middle of the sector and those exploring its potential. That it is not government funded is an important differentiator from most clusters around the world. Whilst government funding can establish credibility, in Australia it can also lead to scepticism regarding longevity beyond the political cycle. That there are enough people involved regardless of the ebbs and flows of politics creates a greater attraction and disassociates the events from political whims.

Attendees & International Links
The Network attracts a wide variety of attendees including cleantech companies, researchers, investors, government and professional services. Investors who attend regularly include angel investors, the few Australian venture capital firms, family offices and institutional investors. The Network has also become the default market entry for international investors from China, Korea, Singapore and elsewhere.

The Australian CleanTech Network also provides international access to global investors and partners through being the Australian representative on the Global Cleantech Clusters Association. This takes the activity and opportunities to a new level and will present the network members with global connections to assist in the growth of their companies.

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